1. Govt. Grants Allotment Receive & Disbursement.
2. Requisition & Utilization of Funds.
3. Annual Budget.
4. Treasury Passbook Reconciliation.
5. Files Related To Financial Matter.
6. All General Voucher Passing.
7. Primary Teachers Salary Bill, DPSC Staff Salary Bill Finalization.
8. Cash Book Maintenance.
9. Cheques, Bank Demand Draft Deposit To Council Head A/C.
10. Month Wise Expenditure.
11. Others Related Work.


DPSC office formation and function, DPSC Employee Appointment & Preparation of Salary Bill, Sanctioning of Leave, Maintaining of PF Accounts and other service related matter.


A) School Land & Building Inspection, Construction Permission & Related Work.
B) DPSC Office Building Construction & Maintenance.


Primary Teachers Monthly Salary Bill Checking & Verification, Monthly Return, 10/18/20 Years & ROPA Fixation, Arrear Salary Bill, Suspension Allowance Bill, Different kinds of Primary Teachers Leave Sanction, Surname Change, NOC for Passport / Appearing Competitive Exam / Higher Studies, Sanctioning of Primary Teachers Resignation, Primary Teachers Provident Fund Advance & Final Payment due to Retirement/Death & Others related work.


All the related work regarding Primary Teachers Appointment and keeping record Vacancy Statement, Panels, total issued Appointment Letters., Rectification of Appointment Letters etc.


Primary teachers Transfer (Inter District, Intra District, Surplus Adjustment of Intra Circle) application processing and others related work.


Supervise and dispose all legal matter of DPSC in collaboration with Council Lawyer, Others related work.


Receive all types of Application from Primary Teachers through Sub-Inspector of Schools, from other offices and Postal letters. After that recorded in a Register of DPSC giving Serial No. (Called ‘Docket No’) and then delivered to concerned Dealing Assistant/Section through Movement Register. Similarly, dispatch all the issued letters to concerned teachers through Office of the Sub-Inspector of Schools, other offices, Postal letters and other related work.